What's This All About?

SpeakUp Gloucester is making it easier for the public to communicate feedback and receive information. SpeakUp Gloucester is a way for you to find out about ongoing Projects, join in on topical Discussions, create/share/vote on citizen-generated Ideas, and connect with others that share your interests. You can also learn about public Meetings and take Surveys that will help us, as a community, shape the future of how we work. The more public input we receive the better SpeakUp Gloucester can become.

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How much money is spent advertising Speak up? Default_avatar Posted by Darren McMurray on 2017-01-13 20:23:46 -0500
Need leash law near tanyard landing. Big time. Default_avatar Posted by Mike Wasion on 2016-11-19 07:44:00 -0500
Implement Internet Accessible Checkbook System Default_avatar Posted by Kenny Hogge, Sr. on 2016-11-09 12:20:57 -0500
Powhatan Dr Repaving Needed for Years 1154863594608383 Posted by Joel Canepa on 2016-10-18 15:10:48 -0400
Property Taxes/Debit Cards Default_avatar Posted by Christopher Scott on 2016-10-18 13:16:01 -0400
Remove Toll from Bridge Default_avatar Posted by William Coleman on 2016-09-06 13:30:42 -0400