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The proposed plan represents efforts to assess and effectively plan for the County's capital budget.  It forecasts anticipated expenditures and the approximate timing and source of funding for each project.  The plan represents a balance between available resources and competing County priorities, while ensuring compliance with the County's fiscal policies.  While the recommended FY2018 capital budget is largely comprised of the County's most pressing capital needs, it also includes pre-planning for major projects recommended in subsequent years.  A project in the Five-Year CIP does not constitute a guarantee of funding from the County; projects will be added, deleted and/or amended as necessary, in accordance with guidance provided by the Board.


Proposed 5 Year CIP Documents

The purpose of this forum is to invite input and discussion from Gloucester citizens, educators, business and community leaders, parents, and students about steps we can take on a local level to promote community-wide commitment to facility improvement recommendations from the Gloucester High School Master Plan Study.

Having heard from higher education, industry, businesses, and military that contemporary high school graduates need skills and attributes such as critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and citizenship to be successful in life, the Virginia Board of Education is redesigning expectations for high schools and developing a more contemporary “Profile of a Virginia Graduate.” The new Virginia Graduate Profile describes the knowledge, skills, experiences, and attributes that students must attain to be successful in college, the work force, and to be “life ready” in an economy and a world characterized by rapid change.

Visit the GCPS website at gets.gc.k12.va.us to view additional updates and resources as they become available. Share other questions or input at GHSMasterPlan@gc.k12.va.us.