The purpose of this forum is to invite input and discussion from Gloucester citizens, educators, business and community leaders, parents, and students about steps we can take on a local level to promote community-wide commitment to facility improvement recommendations from the Gloucester High School Master Plan Study.

Having heard from higher education, industry, businesses, and military that contemporary high school graduates need skills and attributes such as critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and citizenship to be successful in life, the Virginia Board of Education is redesigning expectations for high schools and developing a more contemporary “Profile of a Virginia Graduate.” The new Virginia Graduate Profile describes the knowledge, skills, experiences, and attributes that students must attain to be successful in college, the work force, and to be “life ready” in an economy and a world characterized by rapid change.

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Chuck Thompson 6 months ago

We need to get back to the simplistic basics and teach our next generation and every generation after that what it means to be free. Why we value freedom. The difference between the US being a republic and stop the conning of calling us a democracy. We need to teach every student all about the Constitution and what it means along with the Bill of Rights. And these ideals need to be reinforced each and every year through graduation of high school.

The collectivist concepts must be uprooted and tossed into the burning heap from which it sprang for to leave it is to throw future generations into slavery, poverty and even early death. The concepts put forth by the collectivist new world order hold down growth and prosperity and only hold those ideas and ideals for themselves. Out elected officials can not and must not allow the present corruption being thrown down on them from the Federal government and the State government to control what really needs to happen in our educational system for those orders seem to prove to be illegal and no one is willing to stand against such?

Common Core is not common but it is at the core of corrupting our youth beyond belief. No child left behind is a smear slogan corrupting our so called education and is littered with propaganda and filth. We elect our officials to stand guard against the corruption of our republic and we are left holding a bag of degraded democracy which is merely mob rule and now the only mob left is that of a government that has way overstepped it's bounds at every level in every American's life.

To overcome such corruption is to train our youth as stated in the opening of this discourse. To be future guardians of the republic that our forefathers shed so much blood to create and will to us. They must become testaments to the enduring foundations of freedom. To say no to the globalists who are only interested in stealing all the wealth of the world and hold it only for themselves.

Make no mistake about it. Education has been on a downhill slide for over 100 years in this country by design. Our government has to dumb down it's population in order to control the masses. It is well documented and a fact. Research it. You will be shocked.

When the federal government has control who the local principles are in any school., you do not have education, you have indoctrination and control. We must all stand up for our elected officials to fight for what is right. But they too must also be willing to take on that same fight or they are the enemy within selling out our future generations to slavery and failing us all.

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cory kozielski 4 months ago

While I agree 100% we need to return to the basics and return to teaching what our forefathers established this great country on I do not think we need to imply all educators are a part of the problem. Educators are in our area under paid, under resourced ando often times have their curriculum forced upon them by school boards and government officials.
If we want quality education in Gloucester we must be willing to pay for quality teachers. If we do not the young fresh minds will go to other places which can offered to pay them at a better rate and provide them with better resources. Educators are there to provide a quality education for our children, set an example of what a successful educated persons can achieve through hard word and learning but it all starts at home with the family. This country has evolved into a social media world and has lost the meaning of family. Without a solid family setting the ground work for our young people the education system does not have a chance. Get involved in your child's life and not through social media......give the teachers a chance to do their jobs and let's pay them accordingly.

BTW: I am no an educator or affiliated with school system in anyway. I have no children in the school system presently. I am a father of 4 with 8 young grandchildren who will some day soon attend the Gloucester schoolong system and I want to see the best Educators my tax dollars can pay for by then.

Zac Stein 4 months ago

The world family lost its meaning long before social media. Social media is a great tool for many things but can not replace the depth, meaning, and constant compass a strong family life provides. Too many parents are focused more on themselves and not their kids and the increase of standardized testing has forced our teachers to teach to the test rather than the individual student which means they are memorizing and not learning. That's not on the teachers, that's on officials who took the need for a basic national standard minimum of where a student needed to be at the end of high school and put all the emphasis on test scores. I say we needed a nationalized basic standard because say your from a family that moves a lot, in the past what was required of you to complete high school and go on to an in state school varied from state to state. That's why we needed a national minimum standard. Not what it has become