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Kimberly Leggett at June 25, 2017 at 5:25pm EDT

Please clarify the codes and compliance on small home businesses. I just visited Howard's Lawn Mower Service on Carmines Island, Wicomico. It is a mess of mowers and equipment that not only harbor unwanted pests but also effects the neighbors, with parking because there is no more room in the driveway, access to the right of way in the rear of the property is totally blocked and prohibits and egress there, Also the overflow of equipment and mowers has spread outside of the property lines.

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Flags flown on holidays

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David Weller at June 22, 2017 at 9:08am EDT

What new Small Business initiatives are being pursued?

Went thru Gloucester Main Street at 9 am on Wednesday morning and nothing is open. Ware Produce was open and two restaurants. Looked like a ghost town complete with boarded up buildings. Gloucester is open for business 11-2 pm and never on the weekends. I see major problems.

Recommend that we get business leaders together to discuss opportunities. I want to start using a bigger portion of the "Tourist Tax" money for a "Real Marketing" effort!!

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John Covington at June 15, 2017 at 9:10am EDT

While I'm on the subject of "clarity", "Speak up" needs clarity on how to submit a post. Where are detailed instructions on how to create and submit an idea? I did it through trial and error.

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John Covington at June 15, 2017 at 9:02am EDT

Yesterday, 14 June 2017, I called the Gloucester County Health Department. I got extremely agitated, because of the directions, when the automatic answering did not provide me with clear instructions on with whom I need to speak. I got into 1 area of the automatic answering that instructed to dial 1 for a list of names, but it only allowed me to complete the connection by entering beginning letters of the name. I didn't know a name. So after hanging up and recalling, I finally got to speak to someone. This system is very frustrating--needs clarity.

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I had to get rid of all my chickens except four I've had them for years and I own my property I don't know the steps to take to fight for my rights the lady I talked to wasn't very nice or helpful any input would be great the little guy gets swept under the rug

Why is the library's summer program from June 3 through the end of July? It should start when school lets out for the summer and end just before school starts again. It would be more beneficial to students. That is most of our children's summer break.

As a member of the Hayes Community, I believe an expansion of walking/biking paths at the Point will not only be beneficial to the surrounding business, but the health of its people. There is a beautiful beach front and growing shops (Marker 9/Twisters) that the residents should be able to safely access via paths. There are many grants available out there to help communities like ours live a healthy life style. For example, Richmond, VA recently had a $100,000 grant from a helmet company to help revive the bike/walking trails for it's people. If the county does not have any one available to write up grant proposals, please reach out to me via email and I will be excited to help!

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Let's DON'T expand and invite even more outside STATES to dump in Gloucester at the Waste Management location. It already stinks from Methane gas and the height is already above the trees. It's over a major aquafer as well... the most beautiful area of Gloucester is being destroyed Why would be continue to have or consider expanding Waste Management to make millions while our north end is decimated. Property values and water quality is being irreparably destroyed.

Middle school hours require children get up at 6:00 am. Most young people in this age range participate in after school activities and have more challenging homework. Families and children would be better served with a later start to their school day.