Let's DON'T expand and invite even more outside STATES to dump in Gloucester at the Waste Management location. It already stinks from Methane gas and the height is already above the trees. It's over a major aquafer as well... the most beautiful area of Gloucester is being destroyed Why would be continue to have or consider expanding Waste Management to make millions while our north end is decimated. Property values and water quality is being irreparably destroyed.

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County Administration admin 3 months ago

Thank you for taking time to submit your idea. The elected Board of Supervisors seated in the early 1990's weighed the pros and cons of siting a landfill in the County that was open to waste from outside of Gloucester County. At that time, the full size (area and height) was contemplated and approved in a very contentious public forum. The County owned landfill is operated by Waste Management by agreement which agreement restricts the amount of waste landfilled to a maximum of 2,000 tons per day. This amount exceeds the amount of waste generated within the County and in exchange for the right to import waste to the facility from outside of the County, Waste Management pays a rent fee, staffs and operates the five convenience centers, and accepts all residential waste generated in the county at no charge. Waste Management must continue to provide these benefits until the previously permitted capacity is consumed, which at 2,000 tons per day will be 50+ years in the future. The current Board and staff are not contemplating expanding the previously approved/permitted landfill capacity.

It is important to call Waste Management (693-5109) to register odor complaints when odor is present. Both Waste Management and the County track this information to monitor the effectiveness of improvements.