We have a number of dogs running loose in neighborhood down Red Bank Road. County says this is not a "neighborhood" it is rural. Well with excess of 40 homes what constitutes a neighborhood? We value our rights to have nice property. And it is a shame nice quiet places can be ruined by a few idiots who dont care whether their dogs are tearing up our property and howling right outside our bedroom window. Gloucester county needs to get out of the dark ages and quit protecting a few and protect the clear majority of people and force people to be decent in the most basic ways

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County Administration admin 7 months ago

Thank you for your comment. There is a defined process available to determine if a leash law area is appropriate for the area you have noted in your Idea. Very generally, this process includes cooperation with the Animal Control Department so you can define your desired specific limits of a proposed leash law area, circulating a petition among all of the property owners in the defined area, review of completed petition forms by staff and the County Attorney, discussion with the County Board of Supervisors, and then if the Board is inclined a public hearing to receive public input on potentially changing County ordinance to add the new leash law area.

I have asked representatives from the Animal Control Department to contact you directly using the email address you used when you registered for Speak Up Gloucester.