I am a resident of Gloucester county, with this being said I believe the recent development of different variety of stores will take away from the authenticity of the area. Gloucester has been known for it's small businesses and antique stores, owned by locals, with the new developing stores, this will only take away those businesses. With the new developing stores, also comes new housing developments, which take away land and brings in more people, which in turns could possible bring in violence and overcrowded streets. I would just hate for this town to be the next Newport news/Williamsburg, as these cities/towns had both development as this town is now. I love this area, and don't want to lose the authenticity, as should every resident. As a resident bringing new business does not necessary mean better job opportunities it means low paying jobs and poverty to those hardworking small business owns that have been loyal tax paying citizen of this county. So please don't be blinded by the fake promises for a better Gloucester with more opportunities its the beginning of the polite country lifestyle.

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County Administration admin 4 months ago

Thank you for taking time to be engaged. Our long term vision for community development is laid out by our Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan), which document was most recently updated in 2016 (after considerable citizen involvement). Citizens interested in factors that shape the long term growth of our community should review the Comp Plan and share your perspectives with others in the community and your elected leaders. The Comp Plan can be found on the Planning & Zoning Department web page: http://gloucesterva.info/PlanningandZoning