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Why doesn't Gloucester allow Internet providers such as Metrocast to come into rural neighborhoods to install high speed internet? Each independent company contacted says that due to a Cox contract with Gloucester County they are forbidden to install high speed cable. If you have a Gloucester address, Cox has the monopoly. As an example, Cobbs Creek, Susan, etc. has high speed Internet since Metrocast saw the need. The very county that says we need more internet availability is blocking residents from options other than Cox. Why would Gloucester County agree to a contract like this? No progress has been made in the last decade with providing high speed internet to those of us without it. Regular updates would also be helpful or at the very least, a 2-, 5- or 10-year plan would be helpful.

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It is incredible that in Gloucester Comprehensive plan, education is not included. Nowadays, the quality of schools is a major factor for people deciding where to live. For example, Gloucester High school ranking is very low compared to other high schools in the region. Also it is super populated. Why there is not a survey to ask, it will be good for the County to have 2 high schools? What is the way to increase the quality of our high school?, etc.

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I've been contacting the BOS for over 3 years in an effort to get real internet at my home location (which is about 2000 yards from where the cable service ends). By real internet I don't mean data limited internet from Verizon or Hughesnet. Verizon's contract with Gloucester does not allow competing unlimited data cellular services like Clear.com or Century Link to service us. And Cox won't go into any area without the largest of profit margins. This is 2015 and probably half of our county does not have High Speed internet...what can be done???

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We need an affordable Community Recreation Center with a pool and fitness facility. This could also be used by the Parks and Recc. Program and could even be used for Summer Camps, Conference Rooms for Community Meetings, Senior Citizen programs, etc. The facility could also used for Mental Health Wellness and stress management. There are many grants available for Community Health and Wellness that could help offset the cost.

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The cell coverage on my road is no better now than it was 15 years ago. My neighbors will attest, too. Sadly, the same holds true throughout most of the county. Gloucester Point, the Rt. 17 Corridor, and the Courthouse area have good coverage. Whoopie. That's a very small geographic slice of this total county and it's population.
This situation is NOT acceptable in today's world, especially for what cell phone & internet services cost. Lack of sufficient, let alone adequate, access impedes ability to work, study, and have guaranteed emergency access. It also impacts people's decisions on moving here, or staying here. GC needs to get with the times.

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Idea: new bridge

carleton gunther about 2 years ago

We need a bridge from Williamsburg to Gloucester. The 17 corridor is too congested now and even if the Colman is widened more traffic in Hayes and the Point will just get worse!

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Thomas Ebert almost 2 years ago

Broad Band may be a reasonable alternative to Cox. For 19-years we have been told the data failures for Netflix and the internet were due to compatibility issues with our equipment (note: TV signal and internet data are two different signals). As I had more money than brains, I purchased three DVDs (for Netflix), four+ HDMI cables, three TVs (one just for testing the Cox input cable), two amps for my surround sound, and a plethora of other equipment - at the instruction of the customer service representatives. After talking with the area supervisor, Mr Sherbet, we find that the internet is dropped approx 8-times a day before it reaches my TV - and then automatically corrects itself. Now I don't mind paying a premium price ($185/month and we have NO pay for view channels) for a premium service, but we're not getting that premium service. For those of you who have called Cox and been told that the issues are on your side, it remains an unethical position as the problems are not on the private side and many customers like myself have wasted time and money following Cox's instructions. On the plus side, when Cox works - it works great! On the other hand, my second attempt to complete the Hampton Roads highway survey on the Gloucester web site had been dropped twice before completion (and as it is very time consuming, I'll not try again). I wrote letters to the Cox main office twice and NEVER even had the courtesy of an answer. I believe a cost effective alternative for Gloucester would be a good choice as Cox has become too comfortable and is no longer customer oriented.

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I only see a literal few posting, voting and commenting here. Do we not feel it worthy to dedicate a simple amount of tax dollars to broaden this audience? My mailbox gets solicited by Best Buy and some pathetic and harmful car and payday loan companies located here in the County and using some quite thick paper. If terrible ventures can solicit my box and still afford to stay in business then our simple little County should be able to do the same. Please don't tell me a dollar from each of us including yourselves on an annual basis is not worth the voices we could be hearing and the votes these ideas are needing to make you realize it's time to work. Not many know about Speak up and a lot that do may simply have forgotten. Annual reminders are needed.

brian horn about 2 years ago

Why is it that Gloucester can put in these new sports fields, but they can't put in a nice walking trail that people can take wheelchairs and strollers? Beaver Dam is alright, but too many roots for wheelchairs and some strollers.

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