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We have a number of dogs running loose in neighborhood down Red Bank Road. County says this is not a "neighborhood" it is rural. Well with excess of 40 homes what constitutes a neighborhood? We value our rights to have nice property. And it is a shame nice quiet places can be ruined by a few idiots who dont care whether their dogs are tearing up our property and howling right outside our bedroom window. Gloucester county needs to get out of the dark ages and quit protecting a few and protect the clear majority of people and force people to be decent in the most basic ways

Suggest the County implement an internet accessible Checkbook System such as the one currently accessible at the Commonwealth level. Such a system will help streamline financial functions, enhance accountability and increase transparency.

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Why doesn't Gloucester allow Internet providers such as Metrocast to come into rural neighborhoods to install high speed internet? Each independent company contacted says that due to a Cox contract with Gloucester County they are forbidden to install high speed cable. If you have a Gloucester address, Cox has the monopoly. As an example, Cobbs Creek, Susan, etc. has high speed Internet since Metrocast saw the need. The very county that says we need more internet availability is blocking residents from options other than Cox. Why would Gloucester County agree to a contract like this? No progress has been made in the last decade with providing high speed internet to those of us without it. Regular updates would also be helpful or at the very least, a 2-, 5- or 10-year plan would be helpful.

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Powhatan Dr from RT 17 to just past the Abingdon Elementary School is extremely washboarded and needs re-paving badly. The school buses bounce around like crazy (causing more maintenance on buses), and most of the buses are now leaving the school and making a loop down Powhatan Dr and across to Crew Rd and exiting onto RT 17 by the Farm Fresh shopping center now to avoid Powhatan Dr entirely, thus causing more wasted fuel in the buses. Take a drive down Powhatan Dr sometime, then turn around at the park and return back to RT 17 on the road. See if you can keep your teeth from being bounced through your jawbone. This road has been this way for years and is way overdue for re-paving.

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How about the ability to pay monthly on property taxes AND no 4% fee for using debit cards!


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The right hand turn lane northbound of the Coleman Bridge is not being utilized as such. It is now a passing lane that vehicles will run from the bridge to the Pizza Hut, at 55mph, to pass any traffic that exists after the toll plaza. These vehicles then zip left back into route 17 traffic at the Pizza Hut with no regard for other traffic. I see this happen almost daily in my commute, and after twice being cut off and almost hit, I now stay only in the far left lane to avoid this.

I'm not sure if others have seen this trend. I also don't know the solution (perhaps some form of a divider) but I am "speaking up" nonetheless.

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Seek political help in removing the toll from the George P. Coleman bridge.

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Niko Clemmons with channel 13 news has been asking people about what they think of a 2nd high school here in Gloucester. I have a lot of questions about that. First, with schools recently closed, the school board having considered closing even further schools, no growth in the county, exactly what makes the school board think that a second high school is a good idea? The only reason I can possibly see for this is the growth of the school board which translates into everyone paying higher taxes and no real benefit for the students. In fact, it is very likely to drive people away from living in Gloucester County because the taxes will become um-affordable for the masses. That will only greatly increase the taxes for the few who could afford to remain but even then it will become way to expensive.

You can only take so much of other people's money before it all runs out. Is the present school board testing to see where that level is? Are these people just money and power hungry? The school board has already proven to not only myself, but many others that it is not fit now to handle the money of the people. Giving them more is just insane.

This is my own opinion and is shared by many I know. You may have a different opinion and that is fine. Give me better information to work with and explain in a reasonable manner why the school board should be allowed to create a new high school in a way that makes logical sense for the majority of us who do not presently buy into the idea.

Since Speak Up Gloucester has been activated, several ideas and questions pertaining to our public school system have been posted. Site Administrators’ responses have typically directed the poster to the school system. Is it possible to integrate our school system into Speak Up Gloucester?

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