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I feel that the BZA meetings should be televised so that citizens are afforded the opportunity to see what else is happening in the county.

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Zac Stein almost 2 years ago

Bay Transit has been a big help in this county, However the people in the office can be very rude to deal with and sometimes refuse to work with you. The drivers are all amazing and focused on serving the community. This system needs to be replaced by one with greater flexibility and runs on a schedule with numerous Bus Stops that runs during the evening and weekends. Gloucester is a growing community and more and more people are unable to drive. It is time to progress to a county run transportation system that creates more flexibility for people in the community and helps cut down on congestion

Thomas Ebert almost 2 years ago

Broad Band may be a reasonable alternative to Cox. For 19-years we have been told the data failures for Netflix and the internet were due to compatibility issues with our equipment (note: TV signal and internet data are two different signals). As I had more money than brains, I purchased three DVDs (for Netflix), four+ HDMI cables, three TVs (one just for testing the Cox input cable), two amps for my surround sound, and a plethora of other equipment - at the instruction of the customer service representatives. After talking with the area supervisor, Mr Sherbet, we find that the internet is dropped approx 8-times a day before it reaches my TV - and then automatically corrects itself. Now I don't mind paying a premium price ($185/month and we have NO pay for view channels) for a premium service, but we're not getting that premium service. For those of you who have called Cox and been told that the issues are on your side, it remains an unethical position as the problems are not on the private side and many customers like myself have wasted time and money following Cox's instructions. On the plus side, when Cox works - it works great! On the other hand, my second attempt to complete the Hampton Roads highway survey on the Gloucester web site had been dropped twice before completion (and as it is very time consuming, I'll not try again). I wrote letters to the Cox main office twice and NEVER even had the courtesy of an answer. I believe a cost effective alternative for Gloucester would be a good choice as Cox has become too comfortable and is no longer customer oriented.

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Kenny Hogge Sr almost 2 years ago

In the early 1990’s Gloucester’s elected leaders and paid staff made the decision to open a landfill that would receive trash from numerous localities including some in other states. Those leaders and staff made a deal with Waste Management of Virginia to allow them to operate the new landfill for 20 years under a self extending contract based on the landfill’s remaining capacity. At that time Gloucester taxpayers completely funded the ever rising costs to operate the old county landfill, so the picture painted for the taxpayers back then and even today is one of not having to raise taxes to fund trash disposal. Such service does have significant value to the taxpayers, but the questions is; did the leaders and staff back then make a good deal? Information on contracts of similar landfill operations in neighboring communities obtained under FOIA suggests a very poor deal was made on behalf of Gloucester taxpayers. The following are just a few examples of how bad the deal is.

Gloucester’s deal included monthly payments to the County of $.50 per ton for all waste received from outside of Gloucester. That rate has grown to a whopping $.83 in 23 years. Other Counties are getting $2.00 to $10.00 per ton. Gloucester receives no royalties from electricity generated by the abundantly growing and long term supply of methane gas produced from trash decomposition. Other neighboring Counties are getting a royalty of 10% of all gross profits from the sale of such electricity. Other Counties are getting 25% of net profits derived from recycling. Gloucester gets nothing. The loss to Gloucester taxpayers in these areas annually is likely over a million dollars.

Currently some of our elected leaders and paid staff assert that Gloucester’s benefit from the landfill deal comes from the trash convenience centers and being able to dispose of trash for free. They claim any increase in tonnage fees and such being paid to the County will result in Gloucester residents paying for trash disposal. This does not appear to stand up under scrutiny, as the other counties that made better deals have as many or more convenience centers and are also able to dispose of trash for free. Again, these are just a few examples of how bad Gloucester’s landfill deal is. Our elected leaders should seriously consider bringing Waste Management back to the negotiation table and work out a better deal. Increased revenue from the landfill could be used to build a couple of new libraries so the County stops wasting over a quarter million dollars every year to rent two libraries. There are many things that can be accomplished with increased revenue from the landfill and savings derived from owning our own libraries instead of leasing them.

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There are many students that commute a long way to schools. The next High School should be closer to Hayes & Gloucester Point.

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It has become apparent that Dominion Virginia Power is seeking a transmission line right of way to capture electricity produced at the landfill through methane gas conversion. The following is contained in the Right of Way Agreement posted in the agenda of the June 2nd Board of Supervisors meeting.

  1. That for and in consideration of the sum of One Dollar ($1.00) cash in hand paid and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency whereof is her~by acknowledged. GRANTOR grants and conveys unto GRANTEE, its successors and assigns, the perpetual right, privilege and nqn-exclusive easement over. under, through, upon and across the property described herein, for the purpose of transmitting and distributing electric power by one or more circuits; for its own internal telephone and other internal communication purposes directly related to or incidental to the generation. distribution. and transmission of electricity',

For one dollar and a thank you we are being asked to let DVP use our land so they and Waste Management can increase their profits. The requested right of way seems to be the only leverage we may ever have to obtain a share of the revenue generated from electricity produced at our landfill. It may prove to be very beneficial to negotiate a deal in which we reduce or eliminate our annual costs for electricity to operate our water plant or schools. All or part of the annual savings could then be dedicated to a fund to facilitate transition to whatever may be our next means of trash disposal once the current landfill reaches its capacity; and to maintain the current landfill as required by law after it’s capacity is reached. Now is certainly not too soon to begin planning for such inevitability.

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The County needs Do a better job of maintaining the drainage systems. The ditches seem like the least of our worries, but they are vital to keeping the community prepared for inclement weather and ensuring the safety of the community. Overflowing ditches are one of the largest breeding grounds for Mosquitos and bacteria. I live in Ware Neck, and the ditches are almost undetectable due to the tree growth and leaves that have built up over the years. The rain water has no where to go unless we make an effort to guide it in the right direction.

We need an affordable Community Recreation Center with a pool and fitness facility. This could also be used by the Parks and Recc. Program and could even be used for Summer Camps, Conference Rooms for Community Meetings, Senior Citizen programs, etc. The facility could also used for Mental Health Wellness and stress management. There are many grants available for Community Health and Wellness that could help offset the cost.

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Idea: new bridge

carleton gunther about 2 years ago

We need a bridge from Williamsburg to Gloucester. The 17 corridor is too congested now and even if the Colman is widened more traffic in Hayes and the Point will just get worse!

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Gloucester needs a track and field summer "league" team. My name is Rachel Jones. I am a graduate of UVA where I was captain of the track and field team. I have a son who can not participate in contact sports and I really wish we had a local track team for him to develop his talent. He is only 7 but it would be nice. One of my aspirations in life is to coach again and perhaps this could be my opportunity. I know GHS has talent that would come out and be a part of the team.

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