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How much longer is it going to take this county to fix the Main Street road? It looks horrible and tears our cars up, not to mention how unsightly it looks to tourists. In addition, side roads, like, Duval Ave., Boutetourt Ave., etc. have been put on the VDOT planning list for years and years then removed for some other road that took priority. Residents in and along Main Street take pride in their homes and property, but when you have the deplorable road conditions that we have here, it takes away from our community. How much longer are we going to be put on VDOT's back burners?

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Some residents are saying they had to get passes to use convenience centers while others say they haven't had to do anything different.

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Dianne Bell about 2 years ago

Since It was willed to be used by the children, PLEASE put in a swing and activity area at Brown Park. Not to take away from the skate park, but younger kids can play AND less likely have deliquent activity! A few pik nik tables and shelters too. A fitness course would also be nice so parents can bring teens and still keep an eye out. Now, there is no shade or area for the kids to be able to get out of the sun for a little while.

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Idea: GIS

Jean Pierce about 2 years ago

Can we get the GIS mapping to work on Chrome?

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I've been contacting the BOS for over 3 years in an effort to get real internet at my home location (which is about 2000 yards from where the cable service ends). By real internet I don't mean data limited internet from Verizon or Hughesnet. Verizon's contract with Gloucester does not allow competing unlimited data cellular services like Clear.com or Century Link to service us. And Cox won't go into any area without the largest of profit margins. This is 2015 and probably half of our county does not have High Speed internet...what can be done???

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brian horn about 2 years ago

Why is it that Gloucester can put in these new sports fields, but they can't put in a nice walking trail that people can take wheelchairs and strollers? Beaver Dam is alright, but too many roots for wheelchairs and some strollers.

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