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I am a resident of Gloucester county, with this being said I believe the recent development of different variety of stores will take away from the authenticity of the area. Gloucester has been known for it's small businesses and antique stores, owned by locals, with the new developing stores, this will only take away those businesses. With the new developing stores, also comes new housing developments, which take away land and brings in more people, which in turns could possible bring in violence and overcrowded streets. I would just hate for this town to be the next Newport news/Williamsburg, as these cities/towns had both development as this town is now. I love this area, and don't want to lose the authenticity, as should every resident. As a resident bringing new business does not necessary mean better job opportunities it means low paying jobs and poverty to those hardworking small business owns that have been loyal tax paying citizen of this county. So please don't be blinded by the fake promises for a better Gloucester with more opportunities its the beginning of the polite country lifestyle.

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Personally I think this is great for people who love living in this county and want to keep being apart of it as it grows. Something like this means they can get jobs that make them able to afford to live here and it creates more revenue for the county and lessens the financial burden on property owners.

Everyone agrees that going green is very important for our ecology and our planet. Solar power is clean, quiet, doesn't smell, and doesn't pollute. However, it takes a lot of land to generate a small amount of electricity given the level of technology that we have today. It's very land intrusive.

Gloucester is primarily a bedroom community where people live here and work somewhere else. Gloucester’s economy is based on tourism and history and the second home industry. I believe that putting an industrial-sized power plant on pristine farmland of this size is not the smart thing to do ---- and would adversely affect the surrounding property values (including Mathews as this project is on a main access artery) and the economy of Gloucester. This project has no tax advantage for Gloucester whatsoever and helps no one ---- except that it makes Gloucester “more ugly”. I started this this social media comment thread to get feedback from other people and their thoughts about this project pro and con.
Here's a question ask your wife or spouse ---- Ask them if they would take three or four hundred thousand of their hard earned money and buy land “directly overlooking and across the street” from 200 acres of solid solar panels? I bet they would tell you no! Then tell them that they would have to spend 30 years paying a mortgage on that money. They wouldn’t do it and now you understand what this project will do to the adjacent property owners and to Gloucester.

We need several solar projects that are less intrusive and smaller. Lots of little projects that are home-based for example like solar water heaters or solar panels installed in the home. How about a 40 acres solar project in Ware Neck where thousands of people can’t see it , and a 40 acres project in Guinea and a 40 acre project in the north of the county? We need to put these projects where people cannot see them. The beauty of Solar is they can be located anywhere.

Lastly, we need to discuss the Tax disadvantages for the county, proper site buffering so it cannot be seen, and who’s going to pay to remove this industrial equipment in 15 to 20 years.

Now let's have your comments please based on facts or a point of view.

I have noticed for a while that in addition to the property where the PetCo is going there is also something going on across from Home Depot. I have asked around and nobody seems to know what that is. Can someone shed some light on this?

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