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Suggest the County implement an internet accessible Checkbook System such as the one currently accessible at the Commonwealth level. Such a system will help streamline financial functions, enhance accountability and increase transparency.

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How about the ability to pay monthly on property taxes AND no 4% fee for using debit cards!

A public hearing on Commonwealth driven changes to Gloucester’s procurement (purchasing) ordinance is scheduled for October 6th at 7:30PM. At that time the People of Gloucester County and our elected leaders will have the opportunity to consider and discuss removing the words “and set forth in writing” and “The writing shall document the basis for this determination” from the following section on methods of procurement.

(c) Upon a determination made in advance by the purchasing manager and set forth in writing that competitive sealed bidding is either not practicable or not fiscally advantageous to the public, goods, services, or insurance may be procured by competitive negotiation. The writing shall document the basis for this determination.

In my opinion there should be concern anytime a requirement to document the People’s business is eradicated or circumvented. Therefore it is further my opinion that a local ordinance or policy should be created requiring the implementation of an internet accessible archive of all procurement documents that are releasable under the Freedom of Information Act.

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