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Let's DON'T expand and invite even more outside STATES to dump in Gloucester at the Waste Management location. It already stinks from Methane gas and the height is already above the trees. It's over a major aquafer as well... the most beautiful area of Gloucester is being destroyed Why would be continue to have or consider expanding Waste Management to make millions while our north end is decimated. Property values and water quality is being irreparably destroyed.

I only see a literal few posting, voting and commenting here. Do we not feel it worthy to dedicate a simple amount of tax dollars to broaden this audience? My mailbox gets solicited by Best Buy and some pathetic and harmful car and payday loan companies located here in the County and using some quite thick paper. If terrible ventures can solicit my box and still afford to stay in business then our simple little County should be able to do the same. Please don't tell me a dollar from each of us including yourselves on an annual basis is not worth the voices we could be hearing and the votes these ideas are needing to make you realize it's time to work. Not many know about Speak up and a lot that do may simply have forgotten. Annual reminders are needed.

We have a number of dogs running loose in neighborhood down Red Bank Road. County says this is not a "neighborhood" it is rural. Well with excess of 40 homes what constitutes a neighborhood? We value our rights to have nice property. And it is a shame nice quiet places can be ruined by a few idiots who dont care whether their dogs are tearing up our property and howling right outside our bedroom window. Gloucester county needs to get out of the dark ages and quit protecting a few and protect the clear majority of people and force people to be decent in the most basic ways

Why doesn't Gloucester allow Internet providers such as Metrocast to come into rural neighborhoods to install high speed internet? Each independent company contacted says that due to a Cox contract with Gloucester County they are forbidden to install high speed cable. If you have a Gloucester address, Cox has the monopoly. As an example, Cobbs Creek, Susan, etc. has high speed Internet since Metrocast saw the need. The very county that says we need more internet availability is blocking residents from options other than Cox. Why would Gloucester County agree to a contract like this? No progress has been made in the last decade with providing high speed internet to those of us without it. Regular updates would also be helpful or at the very least, a 2-, 5- or 10-year plan would be helpful.

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What is the county doing to draw in businesses that bring growth and jobs into the county? All the new ones coming in are great and all but they mostly provide part time low pay jobs and the people who are more professional have to commute to the other side of the river 30 minutes to an hour or more to work. What is the county doing to entice production, manufacturing, or call center jobs, for instance, to come into the county?

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Last year, we were able to make online payments for no fee if using a check, like most other governments.Now this feature has been taken away and replaced with a service that charges fees! Please restore what we once had!

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Idea: GIS

Jean Pierce about 2 years ago

Can we get the GIS mapping to work on Chrome?

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I've been contacting the BOS for over 3 years in an effort to get real internet at my home location (which is about 2000 yards from where the cable service ends). By real internet I don't mean data limited internet from Verizon or Hughesnet. Verizon's contract with Gloucester does not allow competing unlimited data cellular services like Clear.com or Century Link to service us. And Cox won't go into any area without the largest of profit margins. This is 2015 and probably half of our county does not have High Speed internet...what can be done???

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