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I live in the single family home neighborhood off Ware House Road. I love to walk into town (To patronize the local businesses, go to the library, etc), however, crossing the street near the light at Main Street and 14 is very dangerous. My husband and I are now expecting our first child this summer, and I'd love to be able to walk with her in a stroller into town. There are also lots of other families with small children in our neighborhood, and I'm sure they would love the added safety of a crosswalk.

If there was a crosswalk and signal at that light, it'd be easier for people to get to the businesses on Main Street, and it'd be easier for people up on Main Street to get to the movie theater and bowling alley. I'm sure all the businesses in town would be excited at the prospect of making it easier for locals to access their services.

Walking is great for your health and I think Gloucester could be much more walking-friendly!

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Highway 606 (farys mill road) is very highly travelled and is in a sad state of disrepair. The road needs to be entirely replaced.

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Powhatan Dr from RT 17 to just past the Abingdon Elementary School is extremely washboarded and needs re-paving badly. The school buses bounce around like crazy (causing more maintenance on buses), and most of the buses are now leaving the school and making a loop down Powhatan Dr and across to Crew Rd and exiting onto RT 17 by the Farm Fresh shopping center now to avoid Powhatan Dr entirely, thus causing more wasted fuel in the buses. Take a drive down Powhatan Dr sometime, then turn around at the park and return back to RT 17 on the road. See if you can keep your teeth from being bounced through your jawbone. This road has been this way for years and is way overdue for re-paving.

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The right hand turn lane northbound of the Coleman Bridge is not being utilized as such. It is now a passing lane that vehicles will run from the bridge to the Pizza Hut, at 55mph, to pass any traffic that exists after the toll plaza. These vehicles then zip left back into route 17 traffic at the Pizza Hut with no regard for other traffic. I see this happen almost daily in my commute, and after twice being cut off and almost hit, I now stay only in the far left lane to avoid this.

I'm not sure if others have seen this trend. I also don't know the solution (perhaps some form of a divider) but I am "speaking up" nonetheless.

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Seek political help in removing the toll from the George P. Coleman bridge.

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Zac Stein almost 2 years ago

Bay Transit has been a big help in this county, However the people in the office can be very rude to deal with and sometimes refuse to work with you. The drivers are all amazing and focused on serving the community. This system needs to be replaced by one with greater flexibility and runs on a schedule with numerous Bus Stops that runs during the evening and weekends. Gloucester is a growing community and more and more people are unable to drive. It is time to progress to a county run transportation system that creates more flexibility for people in the community and helps cut down on congestion

Idea: new bridge

carleton gunther about 2 years ago

We need a bridge from Williamsburg to Gloucester. The 17 corridor is too congested now and even if the Colman is widened more traffic in Hayes and the Point will just get worse!

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How much longer is it going to take this county to fix the Main Street road? It looks horrible and tears our cars up, not to mention how unsightly it looks to tourists. In addition, side roads, like, Duval Ave., Boutetourt Ave., etc. have been put on the VDOT planning list for years and years then removed for some other road that took priority. Residents in and along Main Street take pride in their homes and property, but when you have the deplorable road conditions that we have here, it takes away from our community. How much longer are we going to be put on VDOT's back burners?

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